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The novel, The Last Brazil of Benjamin East, by Jonathan Freedman will debut in July 2015. It's an American road story steeped in hop and longing, regret, love, and the courage of thos who dare to dream. Lives intersect and are changed forever as Benjamin and Amy cross the country in search of something they may never find. Along the way, they find love, friendship, and adventure and the grain of truth that lies hidden in all os us, waiting to break into bloom.

Len Filppu's Prime Time Dads was published to rave reviews, including Larry King. Len continues to make media appearances throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.


Bright Lights Press brings to light works that inspire personal transformation. Authors published through Bright Lights Press include:

Jonathan Freedman - Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, author, and mentor. His career spans four decades and three continents. Jonathan Freedman was raised in Colorado and educated at Columbia University, where he won the Cornell Woolrich writing award for a novel. The prize money allowed him to travel overland from Mexico to Bolivia, across the Andes, into the Amazon, to became a foreign correspondent in Brazil. His experiences would later inspire the creation of THE LAST BRAZIL OF BENJAMIN EAST.

Jonathan's editorial series for The San Diego Tribune was instrumental in the passage of U.S. immigration reforms that brought two million undocumented immigrants out of hiding and onto the road to citizenship.
Jonathan was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for that work in 1987. He is the author of books on poverty, education, and social issues. He has taught writing at San Diego State University, in inner-city public schools, and at Riker’s Island prison. He leads a writing workshop at City College of San Francisco.

Len Filppu - Author of PRIME TIME DADS: 45 Reasons to Embrace Midlife Fatherhood. A regular blogger for Huffington Post Parents, Len has written screenplays, served as a press secretary to Jimmy Carter, worked as a communications executive in Silicon Valley, and helped produce a low budget rock 'n roll horror movie. But the best thing that he ever did was become a first-time father in midlife.

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